The drawings and installations of the young French artist Fabrice Cazenave (b 1975) have a clarity and facility that is well beyond his years. Embracing a tough practice that tests himself in exactitude and hard graft, Cazenave's work transcends the mark into a space that is both crystalline in intention and visceral in delivery. Thematic reach from Landscape to Self Portraiture shows boldness and maturity. For example, Cazenave's earlier luscious woodland studies suggest a latter-day Theodore Rousseau on the loose in the Bois de Boulogne (with the additional frisson of the artist's self in certain studies), entered into the forest as sexual labyrinth perhaps, on an assignation or rescue mission.

Isis Magazine is very pleased to offer a unique edition of prints, each created one after the other in the sunshine of the Bois, using a one-time application of negative on photographic paper to produce a beautiful, unique time-based work reflecting the environment of the work's conception. Please note that by the nature of the means of production each print will show very small degrees of variation.

Solar Flare 2013

Rayograph on Ilford matt photographic multigrade paper

16cm x 24cm

Edition of 30 unique prints. All signed, dated and numbered by the artist.

Edition price £120 + VAT and trackable Post and Packing

UK: £144 + £5 P&P

Europe: £144 + £10 P&P

Rest of World: £120 + £12 P&P